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Being called to a disciplinary meeting can be a very stressful experience. However, the government  has put  in place certain standards which have to be followed by your employer and if they do not follow the rules it could be unfair:

  • Your employer has to follow a disciplinary procedure.

  • You have the right to have prior knowledge of the allegations against you. The allegations have to be specific and once made they cannot be changed or any new allegations cannot be added.

  • You have to be given time to consider the allegations against you and any evidence the employer will use during the disciplinary hearing.

  • You have the right to be accompanied to the meeting by a workplace colleague or trade union representative.

How we can help you


A experienced trade union officer from PAL can help you to prepare for a disciplinary hearing. First, we can help you construct your defence, so that you can challenge whatever evidence the employer puts in front of you.


We can also represent you at the disciplinary meeting. Here, our officer can speak on your behalf, express opinions and summarise your case.


After any disciplinary hearing your employer will send you  a letter regarding the outcome of the disciplinary process. The employee has the right to appeal and you should always appeal if you feel you were unfairly treated. We can help you with the appeal and could attend the appeal meeting with you.

If the situation can not be resolved through the internal process, there is the option of your issue going to an employment tribunal.


Alternatively, we can discuss whether your employer would like to enter into a settlement agreement with you. This is where you agree not to go to court in return for a payment from your employer.  PAL can help you with these negations and can provide you with the legal advice needed for a settlement.

"Your advice and support was really useful in playing back to the employer many points that absolutely highlighted the indefensiveness of the allegations made."


What support can I get?

15 minutes telephone advice


Written advice


Review of all relevant documentation, written advice and a letter to your employer or other third party


Representation at a meeting


Legal advice on settlement



Costs depends on complexity but usually paid for by the employer


Early conciliation


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