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Helping you negotiate a settlement agreement

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A settlement agreement is a legally binding agreement made between you and your employer. It typically, sets out the terms and conditions to terminate your employment and limits your right to make any further claim against the employer, for instance, via an employment tribunal.

A settlement agreement is sometimes called a compromise agreement or an employment termination agreement. You may be offered one if you are made redundant or if your employment is ending for other reasons. 

It is commonplace for your employer to offer you enhanced terms to end your employment such as extra severance pay or a good job reference in return for waiving your rights to pursue a future claim against them.

If you are offered a settlement agreement you must obtain independent legal advice before you sign it. The cost of obtaining legal advice on a settlement agreement is usually paid by the employer.

How can PAL help?

Our employment law experts will help you reach a settlement agreement that protects your employment rights and gets the best deal for you. 

As an experienced team of trade union advisors, we are on your side. We will guide you through the process and tell you if we think the settlement agreement is unreasonable or not in your best interests. We will explain how your settlement agreement has been calculated and communicate directly with your employer over any amendments to the wording that we agree are necessary.

Before you sign the agreement, we will help you understand the terms and any obligations it places upon you.

"Your advice and support was really useful in playing back to the employer many points that absolutely highlighted the indefensiveness of the allegations made."


Settlement Agreements

legal advice paid for by your employer*
  • Receive standalone advice on your settlement agreement
  • All of our advisors are authorised to provide legal advice on settlement agreements and have years of experience supporting employees
  • *The cost of providing legal advice depends on the complexity of the settlement agreement but is usually paid for by the employer.
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