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Expert legal advice for when you have a problem at work.

"I really appreciated your advice, particularly in the hearing in what was a long and tiring day for everyone."

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What is PAL?

Good jobs with fair employment practices can be fulfilling and enjoyable. But sometimes things go wrong. Employment law is complex and it can feel very lonely if an issue arises that you need to deal with – sometimes with little time to prepare.


At PAL, we offer specialist advice and support for those people who have a problem at work, including providing trade union representation at work meetings. We specialise in issues such as redundancy, unfair dismissal and discrimination.

The service is designed specifically for those workers in non-unionised organisations who may not have considered joining a trade union before.


High Street solicitors may not deal regularly with employment cases and they do not have the right to represent you in your workplace, for example at a grievance or disciplinary hearing. With PAL we offer immediate expert advice from advisors with specialist experience in workplace issues who can also represent you in workplace hearings. 

Who provides the service?

The PAL service is provided by a specialist team with sound knowledge and experience of advising on employment law, backed by an experienced team of employment lawyers.

"Your advice and support was really useful in playing back to the employer many points that absolutely highlighted the indefensiveness of the allegations made."

What support can I get?

Our support packages are outlined below, please contact us on 020 3292 0367 to discuss which package is most suitable for you.

When you sign up for our service you will receive 15 minutes triage telephone advice from one of our advisors to assess your situation.


Initial advice package

  • 2-3 hours of an experienced advisor's time.

  • We'll discuss your employment situation and suggest the best course of action for your case.

  • Your advisor will be a professional with years of expertise working in employment law.

Further advice package

  • In-depth guidance and support on your employment situation from a dedicated advisor.

  • We'll run through a strategy for handling your case based on sound knowledge of employment relations.

  • We'll review all relevant documents and provide you with verbal and written advice on your situation.

  • We'll engage with your employer on your behalf and provide assistance on drafting relevant letters to your employer or other third parties as required.  

Formal representation package

  • All the advice listed in the advice and support package.

  • Trade union representation at one formal meeting with your employer.

  • As trade union officials, our advisors are uniquely placed to provide you with representation at formal meetings in your workplace.

  • Advice on ACAS early reconciliation process if applicable to your case

  • Representation at additional meetings will be charged at a further £400 per meeting.

Settlement agreements

You can also receive standalone advice on your settlement agreement, or advice in addition to any of the above packages, from one of our experienced advisors.


Our advisors are authorised to provide legal advice on settlement agreements. The cost of providing legal advice depends on the complexity of the settlement agreement but is usually paid for by the employer.

"I contacted PAL with a very stressful situation at work involving discrimination and harassment. It was clear that my representative was very knowledgeable and he was very supportive throughout the process, attending all my grievance and appeal hearings.


"My employer has agreed to settle the case out of court. I would highly recommend the services of the PAL team."

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You’ll be connected to a PAL advisor who can chat to you about the service without any obligation.


If you decide to go ahead you’ll be asked to provide some basic information about your circumstances to ensure that you are provided with relevant advice and that we can support you with your problem.

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